hirsh_ben_arie (idelsong) wrote,

А между тем в Англии-2

Барон Перри Митчелл, член Палаты Лордов от партии лейбористов... Все-таки удивительно, что еврейский лорд-социалист не кажется оксюмороном... Так вот, барон Митчелл объявил о своем выходе из партии лейбористов, после публикации отчета баронессы  Шами Чакрабарти (еще один не-оксюморон!) о растущем антисемитизме в лейбористской партии. Реакцией руководства лейбористов стало исключение Чакрабарти из партии.

Митчелл пишет:

Labour under Jeremy Corbyn is not the Labour I joined. Today the political thrust is far away from what I believe in and what I stand for. I am pro-business, pro-NATO, pro-EU, pro-America and of course pro-Israel. Corbyn and his pals are 180 degrees opposed: they are hard left socialist – they hate business and they loathe America and Israel. His praetorian guard, the Momentum movement, is almost Stalinist in its desire to humiliate, vilify and harass non-believers. For middle of the road MPs, deselection is their weapon of choice.
After a gut wrenching summer my choice is now clear. How can I, a Jew and a Zionist, remain in a party where the leadership is so clearly hostile to Israel (even to its very existence) and which also flirts with antisemitism? In the end it was an easy decision, but that makes it none the less painful.
If I didn’t take this decision, I am not sure I’d be able to look myself in the mirror.
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